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About Us

EXPRESSIONS LTD is an agency for communication in commercial and social marketing. Working as an integrated marketing team with very strong creative bias, we bring out the hidden persona of our clients’ products & services by developing strategies and creating deliverables for communication that cause desired behaviour change of targeted audience.

EXPRESSIONS’ Social Commitment

The diversification into social marketing was a natural progression for Expressions. Becoming aware of and concerned over the growing need for effective media communication among development agencies on social issues, the Agency established a dedicated business unit for social communication with prioritized access to its resources.

The Social Communication Division (SocCom) of Expressions Ltd was established in 1998 to meet the service requirements in planning, designing, producing and monitoring/evaluating Behavioural Change. The Division is engaged in social marketing activities, makes use of all branches of the media to deliver the message and often undertakes monitoring and evaluation work. Priorities of the development partners are strictly followed whilst designing the communication strategies and delivering the project objectives.

Expressions’ social communication team is made up of people who have extensive track record of interaction with the Government, International agencies and NGO, in the field of social communication. In addition to the core staff, Expressions can draw upon the services of individuals from its ‘resource pool’. Offshore and local specialists and agencies from the resource pool are called upon in and when clients require additional specialized services. At the same time, Expressions has a young staff of talented professionals, striving to do something new and eager to make a difference.

Today, Expressions Social Marketing works as an integrated team incorporating a wide range of marketing and communication activities including research, design, planning, implementation and evaluation of development programmes. It helps clients meet their own social objectives by developing strategies and creating deliverables for communication that cause the desired behaviour change of the participant groups.


Our Event Management & Activation Expertise
We Look after the Public Image of Our Clients

The agency regards its clients as business partners. That is why it takes great care in presenting not just their products and services but in managing their public relations as well. It has achieved many accolades in the area of Events Management, which is a major forte of the agency. Expressions manages key events for its clients- all the way from planning to media coverage. Some examples:


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